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To help individuals and families deal with money successfully.

Our Promise:
We sell no financial products. Our advise is free of any conflict of interest.

Our Experience:

We have counseled thousands of people about dealing with family money matters. Our reputation as an industry leading financial advisor is one we are most proud of.

Don Chambers:
Don Chambers, CPA, MBA, PFP was one of the founding directors of Mercer Global Advisors (MGA) originally headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. He was featured on the cover of Barron's magazine, and has been recognized as one of the leading financial advisors in North America.

Our Books:
Our books are available in PDF form
Hard copies of our books are available from the Fossil World Discovery Center (Museum) in Drumheller, Alberta Canada.

The Entitlement TrapSM:
Most parents and grand parents are committed to making the lives of their children and grandchildren better. This is an admirable goal.

Unfortunately, financial dependence is often created when attempting to financially help your child. We call this financial dependence The Entitlement TrapSM. Children are often trained into dependency rather than self reliance. Interestingly the more family money there is the more likely this will occur. There is a cure to The Entitlement TrapSM, it takes awareness, education, learning, a commitment to creating self empowered family members, and persistence.

It is not enough to create wealth but just as important to have that wealth used to empower rather than disable your heirs. You can learn more at

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